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We specialize in unconventional family groupings & relationships

Our laws are slowly changing to accommodate non-traditional relationships.

We specialize in providing legal services to people of all identities, whose relationships do not necessarily take the form of conventional marriages.

Whether you are single, or whatever your family grouping, we can offer you legal advice in an environment that is professional and caring, and free of judgement, shame, or expectation.

Estate planning

Whether you are single, have a conventional marriage, or an unconventional family grouping, we can guide you through the process of planning your estate, and help you consider your legal options for medical care and end-of-life planning.

Family law and mediation or arbitration

Unconventional relationship groupings create challenges for the courts. This can mean that things sometimes get more complicated.

To help you navigate the legal system, we offer family law and mediation or arbitration services.

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We do not conduct in-person appointments at our administrative offices. Our mailing address is:

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About us

Myron E. Plett, J.D., Managing Partner

Myron began his working life as a classical pianist, teacher, and writer. He spent most of his musical career in Vancouver, performing as accompanist for instrumental soloists and choirs, and acting as both musical director and accompanist for musical theatre.

Myron turned to a career in law and moved to Victoria in 2007 where he began working for MacIsaac & Company, first as an articled student and later, when he was called to the bar, as a lawyer. With the support of MacIsaac & Company, Myron moved to Ucluelet in 2010 where he took over Jim Roth's general practice, founding Raincoast Law.

After 13 years in Uculelet, Myron moved his practice to Vancouver, to specialize in estate planning, civil litigation, and family law.