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Raincoast Law bids farewell to Clare Chartrand

August 15, 2017—Raincoast Law announces the departure of our beloved office administrator, Clare Chartrand. We will miss Clare's calm, friendly nature, her amazing multi-tasking ability, and her depth of business experience. Clare leaves Raincoast Law to pursue new adventures. We wish Clare all the best for the future.

Raincoast Law welcomes Yessica Hickey as Legal Assistant and Conveyancer

February 1, 2017—Raincoast Law is pleased to announce the appointment of Yessica Hickey as Legal Assistant and Conveyancer. Yessica joins Belinda in expanding our team to help provide our clients with excellent service.

For your conveyancing needs, you can reach Yessica and Belinda at convey@raincoastlaw.com.

For all other legal assistance, you can e-mail Yessica and Belinda at assist@raincoastlaw.com. Both are also available by phone at 250 726 4307.

For further ways to contact Yessica, see Contact us.

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