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Having worked in one or more law firms before, you know what a barrister and solicitor does. Here's what's different about us:

Your tasks include:

●  Identifying legal issues and relevant non-legal issues that are important to the client — you are a good listener, hearing what the client says, and hearing what the client does not say but means to say

●  Finding creative solutions to problems that resist a traditional approach for resolution

●  Holding the client's hand through every interaction with the legal system in all practice areas

●  Thinking flexibly across practice areas and spotting intersections, interactions, and interconnections to help solve problems holistically

●  Interacting productively with other lawyers and professionals to find constructive solutions rather than creating adversarial relationships

Our requirements include:

●  Ideally, at least 3 years of call but feel free to surprise us!

●  Career-changers are also welcome

●  Authentic, congenial, warm, and service-oriented demeanour

●  Out-going, friendly, responsible personality, open to new ideas, and with well-developed teamwork skills — you can lend an ear, and your sensitivity, to a situation

●  High resilience, an ability to work under pressure, and above-average written and verbal communication skills — you are articulate

●  You can deal with high-conflict situations and people — you are patient

●  Computer skills, including Microsoft Office, and learning new software doesn't scare you

●  You can manage money

●  Highly developed awareness of quality and commitment to service

●  Willingness to try out and learn new things, even if at first you don't succeed

●  A positive attitude and good sense of humour

We can offer you:

●  A wide variety of activities and responsibilities with plenty of room for your own ideas

●  Active participation in shaping your activities, and our corporate culture

●  The opportunity to determine your own compensation

●  A friendly, supportive, welcoming team

●  Continuing personal and professional development

●  A variety of employee events and projects to participate in and contribute to

How to apply:

We understand that Raincoast Law might not be for everyone. But if this position interests you, please send your resume and a covering letter to careers@raincoastlaw.com explaining how you'd like to contribute to our team. We'd love to hear about your own life's adventure and what led you to us.

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